JAMES offers instructional videos, and technical Q&A via email or Skype.  We are also available for consulting and feasibility studies.  The outlines below contain links to the YouTube-hosted instructional videos.  Contact us with questions!

Part 3 - Solar Panels, Arrays, Environmental Effects

JAMES classes are instructed by Professor Brian Thomas (or PT as he is known to his students) who serves Baylor University in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department as a Senior Lecturer and the Assistant Chair. He loves teaching and his students, and has won numerous teaching awards:

​- Baylor Fellow 2013-2014, a university recognition for teaching

​- Outstanding Faculty Partner Award, 2013, for leading international service-learning trips with students from 2005-2013

- Faculty Adviser of the Year, as adviser for Engineers with a Mission, 2012-2013, and again 2013-2014

​- Outstanding Professor among Baylor University Lecturers and Non-tenure Track Faculty, 2006-2007 for teaching

Part 1 - The Sun, Irradiance, Radiation, Declination

Part 5 - Lead Acid Battery Considerations

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Designing Solar Photovoltaic Systems
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Part 2 - AC Loads, Estimating Energy Consumption